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Hey, I am Eliana Nelson. I always love spending time on social platforms learning creative ways to advertise a product.

By profession, I am a Health adviser and a Blogger from the USA. One can catch my blog page writing on hot news, sports, travel, relationship, health and fitness for sure. I love writing honest stories that reflect the personal experiences of people from across the world. Most of my time I spend treating people's illnesses, reading books and writing, if not doing this it is I am enjoying vacation with my family/friends. I have added a few new blogs recently to My dailyhealthtopic.

Now, I am part of an online healthcare pharmacy named Allmedscare. This brings more than five years of health marketing, sales, and public relations skills to the pharmacy. Also, provides a variety of oral medicines such as Bimatoprost, Apcalis Online, Vilitra and etc, health specialists, and health expert programs.

Eliana Nelson

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